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Welcome to the Technical Support page for Mi4 Corporation, a software and data services company based in Houston Texas.

Productioneer Customer Support Links

For existing Productioneer customers, if you are already on the phone with a customer support agent, please go to to open a Remote Support Session and enter the code the provide.

For existing Productioneer customers, you may access our Support Portal at:

Call the Productioneer Support Hotline

To speak to a support agent please call support at 713-401-9584 or your company’s dedicated technical support agent.

Productioneer Tutorial Videos

Video Tutorial #1: Allocations

Video Tutorial #2: Adding a well test

Video Tutorial #3: Conditional Formatting

Video Tutorial #4: Installing Productioneer

General Productioneer Help

Editing Well Tests

Users with the appropriate permissions can edit existing well tests.

To edit a well test:  Open the  Data Entry tab  of the field that contains the well to be edited. Navigate to the Well Tests section of that tab.

Right-click  on the well test that needs to be edited and select  QC All Tests for this well.

Edit values in a well test or delete it entirely.

To edit values in a well test: Click on the cell that needs to be edited and enter the value.

Note: If the value you are attempting to edit is currently being used in an allocation, you will see the following warning:

To delete a well test: Right-click on the well test to be removed and select Delete Well Test.

Using the Fields Filter
The filter option allows you to customize the fields displayed in the ‘Fields’ Pane.

To create a filter: Click Filter located at the top of the Fields pane. The dropdown menu allows you to filter the fields based on custom filters or the My Fields list.

There is a Filter Using My Fields option that will only display the fields in the My Fields list.

To add a field to the My Fields list: Right-click the name of the field and choose Add to My Fields. When a field is added to the list, it is marked by a yellow star.

To remove a field from the My Fields list: Right-click the name of the field and choose Remove from My Fields.

Minimize (autohide) the Productioneer Ribbon

Sometimes you might need more screen space to view large reports. One way to do that is to autohide (or minimize) the ribbon.

When it is minimized, the ribbon tabs will still be visible and clicking on a tab will automatically display its corresponding ribbon page. If you click on a button or move your mouse away, the ribbon will automatically hide again.

To hide the ribbon, you can double-click on a tab or use the right-click menu to select Minimize the Ribbon.

To bring back the Ribbon, right click on a ribbon Tab then uncheck Minimize the Ribbon.

Dual Monitors

Do you have two monitors? Productioneer will automatically take advantage of your entire desktop space with one simple click.

Use the Dual Monitors option under DISPLAY > MONITORS

Auto-hide Panels

All of the panels in Productioneer (Fields, Reports, Information, etc.) are equipped with an auto-hide feature that hides the panel out of the way while not in use.

To activate auto-hide, unpin the pushpin on the top right corner of the panel.

When a Panel is hidden, clicking on its title will bring it temporarily into view. To keep the panel from auto-hiding (pinned), click the push pin again.

Using traditional menus instead of a Ribbon
If the ribbon is taking up too much space on your screen, you can switch to the dropdown menus by using the Small Icons button under the VIEW Ribbon Menu.

The small icons will look like this:

To switch back to the ribbon, use the Large Icons menu option under the View dropdown menu.

Power BI Service

How to Connect

Follow these instructions to connect to the Productioneer Power BI platform:

  1. Sign into
  2. Select Apps from the left menu and click Get Apps
  3. Seach for Productioneer
  4. Click Get It Now
  5. Enter your credentials and click Ok
    • Company Name:  This is the name you enter for Productioneer
    • If you are not yet a Productioneer client and would like to access the demo content enter the company name “demo”
  6. Enter your username and password (for the demo account you can enter any username and password)
Power BI Desktop

Contact us about using our Power BI Desktop Connector

Having Issues?

If you are having issues connecting to Productioneer with Power BI, please send an email to: support at mi4 dot com,  or login to