Data Management Tools for Oil and Gas

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Your teams, both in the field and in the office, rely on massive amounts of data collected over several years from thousands of data points to make the best decisions.

In recent years, the tools we use to collect this data has only become more sensitive and complex. You need data management tools that can keep pace with the rapid rate of change and the digital transformation of the oil and gas industry.

Mi4 Corporation has built tools designed to efficiently capture, aggregate and report on oil and gas operations and processes.


RigReports is a cloud-based application for well operations, reporting and analytics. Use RigReports to create, manage, and analyze reports for drilling, completions, workover, and facility level jobs. RigReports handles the automated distribution of your reports and provides dashboards and tools to perform post-job operational and cost analysis.

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Pandelum is a financial analytics software solution that provides support to your management and accounting teams to facilitate important decision-making processes across multiple departments and specialties of your oil and gas business. Pandelum's ability to synthesize complex financial data into persuasive visuals and interface with 3rd party applications improves your team's communication and achieve your KPIs.

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Productioneer is the premier platform to help your company manage its oil and gas production. Intricate data analysis, custom reports, and live dashboards enable engineers, gaugers, accountants, and managers experience their data in a whole new way. Compelling visualizations and user-friendly interfaces make accessing information simple and provides key support when making big decisions.

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