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Managing your company's finances and producing compelling reports from your financial analytics are fundamental aspects of the decision-making process for any oil and gas organization.

Pandelum is a modern financial analytics platform built specifically for the oil and gas industry. Pandelum specializes in enabling users to connect and interface with 3rd party applications.

Connect to Your 3rd Party Applications

Pandelum connects to multiple 3rd party applications (accounting, forecasts, production) and combines data to automatically produce the following reports and graphs in several categories and groupings, including:

  • Profit and loss reports
    Most accounting software packages can produce Profit and Loss (P&L) reports, but many times these reports are limited in how the data can be grouped and summarized. Pandelum gives your organization the P&L Report the way you want it.
  • Lease operating expense reports
    Lease operating expense (LOE) data often needs to be entered into multiple systems and creating a LOE Report requires manual processes to transfer or combine data. Pandelum takes the manual work out of LOE reporting. Get more accurate reports faster.
  • Lease operating statements
  • Budget vs. actuals
    Create Budget vs Actual reports with a click of a button. No more combining spreadsheets, Excel templates, and vlookups.
  • Multi-year analysis
    Pandelum's robust data model allows for analysis of historical budgets and actuals. Spot trends from the line item to the ledger total. Visualize your current year-to-date performance against that of previous years.
  • Variance reports
    Pandelum's variance reports equip leaders to drill down to the cause of an outlying number. Our variance reports provide timely, actionable, data to decision makers for day-to-day and long term strategic planning.
  • Lease profit indices

Features Your Team Will Love

Pandelum supports a wide range of groupings and features including, but not limited to:

  • Dynamic KPIs
  • Net or gross
  • Op / Non-Op
  • Service dates / Invoice dates
  • Dynamic hierarchy and group rollup levels
  • Drill-down and drill-through
  • Multiple axes graphs
  • Searching
  • Interactive sorting
  • Conditional formatting
  • Exporting to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, CSV
  • Automated report distribution via email
  • Corporate letterhead customization

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