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Productioneer Blue

Productioneer Blue is a comprehensive application that can capture all company production data and present it in one place for a global view. Engineers, Managers, Accountants, and other team members can create daily and monthly reports for analysis of production data, allocations, expenditures, and other metrics using real-time data. Business processes that previously took weeks of work to gather, calculate, and compile information are now available in just a few clicks with Productioneer Blue.

  • Compatible with all versions of Windows
  • Generate Reports
  • Production Data Available in Real-time
  • AFEs, LOEs, and cost tracking

Productioneer ReDD

Productioneer ReDD (Remote Data Delivery) is a lightweight version of Productioneer Blue designed for pumpers on the go with a slow or intermittent internet connection. Once the pumpers connect to the internet (usually once a day) the production data is uploaded and made available for the entire production team to analyze in Productioneer Blue.

  • Compatible with Windows Vista or Later
  • Online and Offline Data Entry
  • Automatic & Manual Data Collection

Productioneer iPhone

The Productioneer app for iPhone and iPad is designed with the field user in mind. It is no longer necessary to carry gauge sheets to record and review daily production data. Pumpers can choose to select all of the wells or just a small subset to improve speed. The Productioneer app has been tested for up to 20,000 wells per company.

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