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Database Administrator Services

We take great care in all aspects of database setup, configuration, and deployment. While following the established industry best practices, we keep up to date with changes and added features to the platforms deployed in our solutions. With Mi4's DBA service, you have our knowledge and expertise at your disposal. Benefits of our DBA service include:

  • Proactive database monitoring
  • Optimized indexing of tables and schemas
  • Query tuning for faster results
  • Reduction in unauthorized changes
  • Improved speed of break/fix incident resolution
  • Thorough root cause analysis
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Mi4 Corporation is proud to be a Redgate certified partner. As a certified partner, we can provide our clients with Redgate's sophisticated and reliable suite of data service tools.

Data Warehouse Creation

The consolidation of application and subject specific databases into an integrated data warehouse simplifies data discovery and breaks down information silos. Our team can evaluate, install, configure and implement high-performance data warehouse architectures. Our solutions are designed to be flexible, and scalable, with future add-on capacity to avoid unnecessary up-front costs due to over-provisioning.

Cloud Migration Services

Let us reduce your data center footprint and maintenance overhead by moving your data center to the cloud. With a cloud-based system, your data is just as (if not more) secure than an on-premise server. In addition, cloud-based data centers offer the following advantages:

  • Automated maintenance
  • Improved back-up and recovery time
  • Built-in georeplication
  • Greater up-time and availability

We also offer hybrid solutions to give you the advantages of both on-premise and cloud-based data centers.

Upgrading Legacy and Outdated Platforms

Upgrading a database can be a large source of organizational inconvenience, resulting in downtime, functional changes, and compatibility issues. Our unique mix of tools, processes, and people can help you achieve better performance, scalability, and security by modernizing your existing database solutions to newer software, hardware, and infrastructure. The end result minimizes changes to your applications while updating your databases at scale.

Corruption Repair and Data Recovery

A corrupted database can render your entire system unusable. At Mi4, we have experience in diagnosing, scanning, and repairing corrupted tables, indexes, and schemas. With our expertise, we can reduce your downtime and mitigate the overall impact to your organization.

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