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Turn Your Business Process into a Web Application

Sometimes business needs cannot be met effectively with off-the-shelf software. Instead of molding your business to the software, mold the software to your business with customized software from Mi4 Corporation. Custom software can give you a competitive advantage in numerous ways:

  • Streamline business processes tailored to your team's needs
  • It adapts with your business as changes occur
  • Reduce the number of applications in use

No Application is Too Small

At Mi4 Corporation, no application is too small for us to develop. We specialize in converting that Excel workbook or macro that your team has been using for years into an easy to maintain web application that can be accessed anywhere.

Tailor Fit to Your Needs

We don't provide cookie cutter solutions. At Mi4, we take the time to figure out what the specific needs are for your project and what solution will fit best. Our vast experience will help you save time and money by intelligently integrating your existing systems and databases, including security and data storage protection.

An Agile Software Development Approach

Experience has taught us that the agile project management approach creates software quicker and more accurately than traditional approaches. Because your goals and needs will change throughout the project, the agile development process allows for the flexibility to make those changes and see progress quicker.

We embrace the agile software development principles and value working software, customer collabration, and responding to change.

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