Productioneer (2.0.64) is now available:

  • Supports .Net Framework 4.5
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Report Viewer 2012
  • Upgraded to SQL Server 2012
  • Web service support
  • Online and Offline Sync with REDD technology
  • Compatible with iOS
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One of our most valued and cost-efficient services is our ability to create user-friendly,

custom reports, dashboards and applications for the O&G industry. Our years of

experience in the field allow us to create tailor made turnkey solutions that meet all

requirements and exceed all expectations. 

We can work around limitations in your existing third-party applications to create

custom reports or data filters that make those applications deliver, out of the box.

Mi4 has proven experience in business technology and management consulting of

information technology. Our team has expertise in a wide range of languages,

technologies and services.

Visual Basic.NET Visual C++ Crystal Reports consulting
Visual C# Database programming (SQL, Oracle, Access DB...) XML data services
Distributed database systems Web site content integration Mobile Applications
SQL Server Reports SOAP Web Services REST Web Services
Software As A Service (SAAS) ...and many more

Mi4 helps you identify business problems, so that you receive solutions vital to the

success of your business. When you cannot find a suitable off-the-shelf product

come talk to us!


What are your development needs?