Productioneer (2.0.64) is now available:

  • Supports .Net Framework 4.5
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Report Viewer 2012
  • Upgraded to SQL Server 2012
  • Web service support
  • Online and Offline Sync with REDD technology
  • Compatible with iOS
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Watch This

Watch This is a free folder monitoring application and Windows service which enables the user to select folders and group them under a job. Additionally, Watch This can send email alerts to listed recipients about modifications that occurred in the folders. These messages are sent at certain time intervals that the user chooses.

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Watch This Instructions:

Set Email Settings

For the application to send email alerts, please set the email settings.

The email settings window will appear when the application is started and settings are not completed.

Enter all the information needed. Anonymous login can be used.

The email settings can also be accessed through the menu or by right-clicking the system tray Watch This icon.

Background Service

The background Windows service performs all the folder monitoring and sends email alerts. The service checks if a job needs to send an alert at the specified job's time interval.

Starting and stopping the service will disable the folder monitoring function but users can still change settings. The changes will then be applied when the service is next started.

Creating a new job

Create a unique job to group different folders under that job by clicking the add [+] button. A window will appear where you can specify a job name.

Add the folders to watch under that job by clicking the add [+] button. A window will appear where you can browse to the folder you would like to monitor.

Add email addresses to send alerts to under that job by clicking the add [+] button. A window will appear where you can specify an email address to send alerts to.

Modifying a job

Modify the subject and body of the email by editing the text boxes. Please note that the html tag should be used to indicate a new line.

Remove addresses and folders under the job by selecting the one to be deleted and then clicking the delete [-] button.

The time interval for sending an email alert for each job can be set by first selecting a job name then using the up/down arrows or typing a number to indicate the time interval in minutes.

Set the job to send or not send blank messages when there are no file changes by checking or unchecking the "Do not send email if no changes" checkbox.

The job can be enabled or disabled by checking or unchecking the "Job Enabled" checkbox. Disabling the job will discontinue monitoring all the folders indicated under that job and no emails will be sent.


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