Productioneer (2.0.64) is now available:

  • Supports .Net Framework 4.5
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Report Viewer 2012
  • Upgraded to SQL Server 2012
  • Web service support
  • Online and Offline Sync with REDD technology
  • Compatible with iOS
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Productioneer's REDD (REmote Data Delivery) is a software (Windows Client) designed to work online and offline.

REDD was created specifically for the pumpers & gaugers working in the field where internet coverage might be lacking or intermittent.

REDD can hold entered data locally in an offline database on the user's computer and automatically upload and synchronize with the main Productioneer servers when the internet connection is restored.

REDD can also work in manual-mode, allowing the user to decide when to upload the data (for example after they have finished checking the data for accuracy)

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