Productioneer (2.0.64) is now available:

  • Supports .Net Framework 4.5
  • Upgraded to Microsoft Report Viewer 2012
  • Upgraded to SQL Server 2012
  • Web service support
  • Online and Offline Sync with REDD technology
  • Compatible with iOS
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Pandelum is a Management Reports platform built for the Oil & Gas industry.

Pandelum connects to multiple 3rd party applications (Accounting, Forecasts, Production) and combines data to automatically produce the following reports and graphs in several categories and groupings, including:

-Profit And Loss reports

-Lease Operating Expense report

-Lease Operating Statements

-Budget vs. Actuals

-Multi-year analysis

-Variance reports

-Lease Profit Indices

Pandelum supports the following grouping & features:

-Dymanic KPIs

-Net or Gross


-Service Dates / Invoice Dates

-Dynamic Hierarchy and Group Rollup Levels

-Drill-down and Drill-through

-Multiple Axes Graphs


-Interactive Sorting

-Conditional Formatting

-Exporting to Excel, PDF, Word, HTML, CSV.

-Automated report distribution via Email

-Corporate Letterhead Customization

-and many more.